Ergünkent İnşaat A.Ş. provides services to revitalize our living spaces, which become obsolete, outdated, worn out, or in some cases abandoned for various reasons over time, and bring them to the city again by changing, transforming, and rehabilitating them with an innovative planning approach considering today’s socio-economic and physical conditions.

With its manager and operation team consisting of city planners, architects, and engineers who are specialized in their fields, Ergünkent aims to offer its experiences in the public and private sectors to its project partners and end-users.

We have been getting closer to the top each passing day! Ergunkent Insaat, which has reached today with its reliable and customer satisfaction-oriented service approach, has already been structuring the future. Ergunkent Insaat, which never compromises the quality, makes a difference with its strong and reliable structure.


Our company builds robust, safe, spacious, organized, and economic structures by combining technology and labor in all its works. At Ergunkent Insaat, our objective is to provide you with the best and highest quality service in the shortest time and in the most accurate way. The ground surveys of all our projects are conducted by the Chamber of Geophysical Engineers and affiliated institutions and organizations.

Our Policies


Geleneksel ve itibarlı tüccar kimliğinden hiçbir zaman taviz vermemek, taahhütlerimizi zamanında ve eksiksiz olarak yerine getirmek.


Producing with a meticulous approach without sacrificing robustness, quality, and occupational safety at Tuna Dekor.

Environmental Awareness

Producing solutions and using technologies that will protect the region and the environment we live in at the maximum level.

Becoming a Family

Having a relationship with all our employees under the roof of a family company that aims for success based on mutual trust and respect.

Customer Satisfaction

Always aiming to satisfy our customers and all of our business partners; carrying out our work in a transparent, practical, and solution-oriented way.


Following up with the latest materials, technologies, and applications without compromising the robustness and simplicity.