Ergünkent Construction

To understand how Ergünkent Construction perceived by customers is very important. We strive to provide the best in the planning and execution of work. Quality objectives in which all our work is to improve the quality of construction affecting the quality of all staff who work to provide customer satisfaction to guarantee have been established. Our advanced and modern equipment and qualified staff in the process of execution of the project ensures that the quality at the end of the project.

We provide high quality, efficient service with our today; We are proud to be one of the elite and preferred service provider operating in our country.The values we adopted in order to create synergy between both the audiences we reach and our teammates are;

• To meet the expectations of our customers about quality, price, delivery time seamlessly in high standards.
• To provide accurate answers to our customers and the industry within the scope of quality management.
• Good use of time, measurable and achievable goals and conduct in accordance with standard quality management policy.
• Encouraging participation of all employees in line with company's goals and objectives is to create quality management models.