Ergünkent Construction

Ergünkent Construction Inc. has been serving about the reanimation of the city by transforming the habitat or buildings worn out over time for various reasons , outdated , obsolete or in some cases abondoned considering today's socio-economic and physical conditions with an innovative approach to planning and improvement. Ergünkent Construction Inc. has aimed to share its experiences in public and private sector to the project partners and end users by working with a labour and executive team which includes city planners, architects and engineers as experts in their fields.

Every day we are closer to the summit! With its reliable and customer-oriented service approach in construction Ergunkent Inc. is already configuring the future from today. Ergunkent Inc. is realized with a strong and reliable construction quality which is never compromised.

By combining the technology and manpower in all the work done Ergünkent building robust, secure, spacious, orderly and economic structures are built. Our goal as Ergünkent Building the best quality service to you, is to realize as soon as possible and in the right way. All projects made with ground surveys the Chamber of Geophysical Engineers is done by related institutions and organizations.